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North Carolina Wind Energy News

Will This Effect Wilmington Residence?

Interior Announces Milestone for Wind Energy Development Offshore North Carolina

North Carolina’s residents are set to enjoy the delivery of offshore wind energy, especially now that the government is set to offer over 120,000 acres of the Kitty Hawk Wind Energy Area for industrial, commercial wind energy leasing. This is an official announcement from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, BOEM, and the US Department of the Interior, DOI.

Sally Jewell, the US Interior Secretary, mentioned that the government is making attempts to tap the massive wind energy resources that cover the Atlantic Coast. Also, it aims at maximizing the wind energy delivery, while it minimizes the differences with other vital applications.

A communal taskforce

Even though the US Government engineers the entire project, there is also a delegated task force in the North Carolina region that are working on it. The members of the taskforce include the state, federal, local, and tribal government, as well as some stakeholders from the community. The taskforce’s objective is to utilize the clean energy resources, promote local economies, and generate jobs in the community.

Above all, the project is under the Climate Action Plan, which is one of President Obama’s plans to minimize carbon pollution, generate domestic clean energy sources, and create jobs for Americans.

How big is the proposed lease area?

The proposed Kitty Hawk Wind Energy Area leasing area is similar to that announced by BOEM in 2014. The most recent proposed area starts about 24Nm from the shore and stretches nearly 25.7Nm southeastwards. The sea section stretches from 13.5Nm northwards, to 6Nm southwards. The area also entails about 21.5 blocks of the outer continental shelf.

The RFI and PSN documents
The official documents of sales; Request For Interest, RFI, and Proposed Sale Notice, PSN, will be released officially on the 16th of August, 2016. The documents will feature a public comment period that runs for 60 days, meaning that the final public comment date will be on the 17th of October 2016.

The documents will offer comprehensive information about the available area for leasing, along with the conditions and provisions of the proposed lease, the lease execution, and the auction details. The RFI allows the interested companies to check if there has been an alteration in competitive interest in the proposed leasing area.

Who can participate in the auction?

Potential bidders that have been approved, and granted an OCS lease by BOEM can take part in the lease sale. Any potential bidder that intends to participate in the lease sale is expected to respond to the notice before the public comment period expires. The submitted notice must show a perpetual interest of the bidder in the area being leased.

For interested companies that haven’t been approved by BOEM, they must submit the relevant qualification details before the closing public comment date. Ideally, companies that are seeking approval should submit their requests early enough for quick processing. Unqualified companies can go through the PSN for further information about the requirements.

No company should take part in the lease sale unless it is notified by BOEM for financial, legal, and technical qualification. After the Final Sale Notice is released, non-approved companies cannot take part in any of the lease sales.

Once the lease sale is complete, North Carolina will enjoy an abundant supply of the offshore wind energy. Also, the offshore wind supply will boost the local government’s target of achieving clean renewal energy.

Residential Window Tinting
"The Best" is What This Happy Customer Told Us from Wilmington N.C.
Wilmington N.C. Resident Showing Privacy of Newly Tinted Glass Doors
windows without tint and with tint

The Important Benefits of Window Tinting For A Home

A home with a lot of windows is very favorable regarding ventilation, but this situation can go wrong especially during summer when the sunlight is harsh and transforming the room into a huge grilling oven. Resolving this is quite easy since there are now a variety of treatments you can apply to your windows. You can put curtains and draperies, install shades and blinds, or build panels and shutters. If you don't want anything covering you beautiful glass windows, though, the best option you have is window tinting. Residential window tinting is usually employed by homes that pursue a clean, minimalist theme, but this does not mean you can't apply this highly functional window treatment to your home. Tinting provides many benefits to homeowners, particularly concerning heat control, energy conservation, and aesthetics. Outlined below are some of them.

1) Heat Control

Tinting involves elements that strongly block sunlight, which means you're assured that the temperature of the house will go significantly lower once you treat the windows and wall glasses with tint film. Too much heat is one of the most annoying discomforts during summer, and this often results in less productivity in the household.

2) Interior Prevention

If your home uses a lot of glass panels and windows, all of the interiors facing, or nearby the glasses get strongly exposed to the weathering effects of the sunlight. Wooden cabinets gradually fade, paint on the artworks chip off, figurines and vases develop cracks, and appliances tend to overheat, and so on. Home glass tinting contributes in preserving your interiors and extending their lifespan at a very reasonable expense.

3) Exposure Control

Call it overstretch, but believe it or not UV rays can still penetrate walled environments like the home. Needless to say, too much exposure to direct sunlight can cause damage to the skin. Kids are more susceptible to skin problems that adults, and when summer comes the chance of getting rashes and allergies gets high. Since residential window tinting filters as much as 90 percent of UV rays, you and your family are more protected against skin diseases and complications.

4) Energy Saver

Since tint films block the sun's heat and damaging rays, the home in one way or another develops a living that is energy saving, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient. Air-conditioning systems do not need to be turned on the whole day since the room temperature is regulated. There's also less need to use electric fans. Since the opposite face of the tint is a good insulating material, keeping the heat inside the rooms during winter is also enhanced. In both cases the use of electricity is lessened. When energy use is decreased, the monthly bill, of course, will get cheaper.

5) Security and Aesthetics

Tinted windows look like mirrors from the outside--you can see people outdoors but they don't see you. Like auto tinting, residential window tinting also gives homeowners more privacy and more security. People inside can do whatever they want with windows and glass walls uncovered since potential observers from the outside won't see anything. Most of all, the color of the tint provides the windows a characteristic that makes look modern, stylish and elegant.

Window Tint Resources N.C.

North Carolina window tinting forums are over loaded with questions about what you can legally do when it comes to your personal property. Whether it is for your house, car or even a business you own, we will try to provide you with the best resources for those answers right here.

It is important to remember this is for informational purposes only and that you can call us or stop by one of our locations to talk with a window tint specialist/installer anytime. We also have a questions form you can fill out –> F.A.Q’s

Also stay tuned, we are finishing up our new location in Wilmington, N.C. and will be releasing all the details soon.

Question:   Okay so I moved up here about a year ago and my first auto inspection is due. My jeep has pretty dark tinted windows on the rear and sides and I’ve been told by a few friends N.C. is strict on that for inspections.

Quick Answer: 35% is the law and you can not tint the front windshield.
Resource: Downloadable PDF from https://www.ncdot.gov/dmv
Find out about window tinting

Also a good resource for all states incuding ours is: Tinting Laws N.C.

Question:   How much will the value of my home increase by tinting the windows?

Quick Answer:  Yes, but there is no answer to the amount because of all the variables. Ex., location, currently comparable homes that have recently sold and so on.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out our article here

A good resource for over all improvement, including tinting your home’s windows:
Brokers Tell All: 10 Ways to Boost House Value

Window Tint Should be Your First Thought!

Night Vision Window Film For Our Beach Community.

Buying or Selling Real Estate – Window Tint is a Must.

Prior to signing anything, make sure that you understand the basics of real estate first.The following article talks about some common sense issues we sometimes forget, as well as the value of tinting your home windows to sell your property.

Insisting on a home inspection can save you thousands of dollars. There are many things that can go wrong in a home that are not easy to see.

One example is the electrical system. There can be problems in the wiring that you cannot see by simply turning on a light. Having a real estate inspector come in, can help reduce the chances that you will get any unwelcome surprises, after the purchase.

Home buyers always need to consider how many bathrooms they need. The ideal is to have a bathroom for each bedroom plus a half bathroom near the living room for the guests. When the possibilities don’t support the ideal floor plan, try to buy a house with at least two and a half bathrooms: one for the master bedroom, one for the other bedrooms and the half for the guests.

Benefits to Window Tint

Window Tint Comparison
See the window tint difference from inside your house

If you want to have a good return on your property, try to do some remodeling and be sure this includes tinting your windows. As you finish the work, you will be rewarded with an immediate increase in the value of your home. You may actually increase the value so much that it doubles the property’s worth!

Remember these benefits to window ting, increased comfort, by letting in sun light while keeping costly and harmful UV rays out, this also keeps your furniture from fading. Tinting your home windows actually strengthens them, by applying a powerful, microlayered, tear-resistant Ultra Safety film to the window.

Buying a house can be a great investment in the long-haul. Houses appreciate five percent, as a general rule. It will be a little less some years, and a little more some years. This figure can also vary depending on the region and neighborhood where you buy the house.

Purchasing or home buying comes along with lots of possible risks, nevertheless these are often eliminated when you know what you are doing. Like with nearly anything, it is advisable to enter in the offer with your eyes wide open. If you decide to take the advice and apply the things you have discovered out of this posting, you will stress less, enjoy the experience of purchasing a home a lot more.

When attempting to determine what price to sell your house for, search the selling prices which real estate comparable to your own house sold for instead of homes which are presently available in the market. Any time an appraisal is done of your property, the mortgage company will undoubtedly authorize home financing for the dollar amount created by the value determination, even when both seller and buyer agreed upon a greater sum of money.

Appraisers take advantage of prior sales as a guide to come up with the figure.

You should definitely create the proper ambiance for any showing. First turn on all of the lighting, include comfortable music playing at a low level in the background, and light a few candles to make the home smell nice

If you have to make a decision whether you should reduce your price or fix up your home, take into account that the potential buyers are going to take into consideration what it will cost them to have all the windows in your home, tinted. Keep this in mind, they are more likely to pay more for your home with this already done than to deal with the headaches of having to get this done themselves, we all want to enjoy our home, not deal with improvements, contractors, permits or installers.

Wilmington N.C. Resident Showing Privacy of Newly Installed Window Tint
Safety – Security – Privacy with Night Vision Window Tint

Always let them know about the benefits of your homes tinted windows by handing out one of the brochures/pdf’s available right here on our website!

How Do Safety & Security Films Provide Protection?

3M Safety and Security Window Films are designed to make glass shatter-resistant by holding the glass pieces together when broken.

Compared to 3M™ Sun Control Window Films, 3M Safety & Security Window Films are made with thicker polyester and a much thicker, more aggressive adhesive. 3M Ultra Safety & Security Window Films are unique in the industry; they are built using a special micro-layered polyester technology which increases the films’ tear resistance significantly. The impact and tear resistance of Ultra films outperform all other films of similar thickness.

How do I clean the windows after installation?

After thirty (30) days, you may clean 3M™ Films using normal household cleaning solutions, including ammonia based products: e.g., Windex, and a soft, lint-free cloth or towel. You may also use a squeegee to clean the films. Abrasive products which would scratch or damage the film should not be used.

How Does Film Affect Low-E Windows?

Window film is a perfect complement to the efficiency of Low-E Windows. Window films enhance the solar heat rejection of Low-E Windows and enhance the UV Ray Protection (Low-E windows do not offer the same level of protection as window films for UV Rays).

What Can I Expect In Terms of Temperature Decrease?

Energy efficiency studies are often conducted on larger, commercial projects. For residential application, the temperature reduction can vary depending on film type, number of windows exposed to the sun, exposure of the windows (north-east-south-west) and shadings that impact the windows. As a general rule of thumb, the most common window films can reduce the temperature in the immediate area several degrees.

How Much Glare Can I Reduce With Window Tinting?

Window Films do an excellent job of reducing glare. Glare is reduced by up to 85% depending on the film type.

What Can I Expect from the UV Protection and Fade Control?

Nothing completely stops fading. 3M Window Films are designed to help reduce the major causes of fading (ultra violet light, visible light, and solar heat), thus prolonging the life of your furnishings, as much as two to five times.

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